Monitoring Switchvox

Switchvox is an incredible VoIP PBX! However, it is still prudent to monitor an awesome product, because things can and do go wrong. It is much better to know about these things before they cause an impact, than to try to dig out after an issue has been allowed to fester.

Switchvox Alerts Manager

In the Switchvox Admin Suite, under Tools, is a feature called Alerts Manager. Here you can view the alert logs, as well as create subscriptions to be automatically notified by email if an alert is triggered. Have multiple people who might want to know different things? No problem, it is easy to create multiple alert subscriptions with different parameters!.

The Alert Subscription is quite easy to configure, as you can see. Select the alert level and the appropriate categories, enter a name and an email address, and you're done. Want to monitor all alert levels on backups, but only errors on call recording? That's easy, too. Simply create two separate alert subscriptions, one for backups and one for call recording.

Stay ahead of the game with Switchvox Alerts Manager! If you would like to know more about Switchvox, or any of the Digium products, give us a call!